PR Volt Scores A-List Coverage For Fireside Conference

An annual all-inclusive innovator, investor, and influencer retreat.

Fireside Conference is an annual invite-only, all-inclusive retreat for 400 top entrepreneurs, founders, innovators, startups, investors, media and influencers. Founded by Daniel Levine and Steven Pulver, the conference was designed to mimic the off-the-grid ambiance they experienced during summer camp when they were kids.

The 2018 event took place in a remote location about 3 hours from Toronto, Canada on 750 acres of private green space on a beautiful lake. The conference is completely immersive and blends adventure and mindfulness activities like waterski, canoeing, rock climbing, yoga, fitness bootcamps and meditation with real campfire chats, lakeside keynotes and powerful mastermind sessions.

Fireside is geared toward top-performing entrepreneurs that want to take their business and life to the next level. The event forces attendees to go out of their comfort zone to thrive in the middle of nowhere, with no cell reception and no technology. It is a “digital detox”.

The Fireside 2018 conference had additional “stages/tracks" dedicated to emerging industries like cannabis, blockchain, AI and virtual reality.


Fireside started in 2015 with only 70 attendees and has steadily increased in attendance each year, quickly becoming recognized as one of the top emerging new startup events for budding entrepreneurs. Leading up to the 2018 conference, Daniel and Steven wanted to ensure that the 2018 event was not only their best ever but that it also garnered the considerable media coverage it deserved. With that in mind, Daniel and Steven reached out to PR Volt to increase media awareness and to generate buzz around the conference, its world-class speakers, and unique activities.

"PR Volt not only helped us reach a whole new audience and raise awareness about our vision, but they generated interest from top-tier national media who attended and shared their first-hand transformative experience."

Program & Strategy

After an initial consultation to understand the structure of the conference, goals and target audience, PR Volt developed a targeting strategy that included television, radio, print magazines and online outlets covering business, startups, entrepreneurs, technology and more. Because the Fireside Conference is a unique experience, PR Volt’s goal was to encourage top-tier media to attend the event with the expectation that their direct experience would lead to coverage. Additionally, PR Volt strived to expand the awareness of the event to a more diverse group of entrepreneurs, startups and influencers.

The media lists were developed with a two-prong approach: 1. To generate interest among top-tier media to attend and cover the event. 2. To build conference awareness and attendance among a more diverse group of influencers. After developing these media lists, PR Volt developed timely and targeted pitches to tell Daniel’s and Steven’s story and paint a picture of the Fireside event, campfire chats and lakeside keynotes. These personalized pitches were written from Daniel’s voice and were designed to reflect his congenial tone and excitement. Once Fireside founders approved the content of the pitches, PR Volt staged and launched the campaign to reach over 2000 media contacts and created a drip sequence of follow-up emails to maximize response by targeting those who didn’t respond immediately. All interest was sent to Fireside to manage and cultivate the growing relationships.


Simply put, PR Volt’s highly targeted media push helped elevate the 2018 Fireside Conference to a new level of national and international awareness. The campaign not only yielded top-tier coverage from major media publications such as Forbes and Inc., it also helped attract attendance from major entrepreneurs and top talent, including keynote speaker Jeffrey Hayzlett, Jared Lindzon, Lisa Song Sutton and Ramy Inocencio.

Here are some of the other highlights of their results:

  • 2744 journalists were contacted since Fireside’s initial campaign launch in June 2018
  • A little over 1300 editors and journalists opened the emails (47.7% open rate) and 314 contacts responded to the outreach (11.4% reply rate). 
  • Among all their campaigns, Fireside Conference received a total interest rate of 4% with 109 outlets expressing interest.
  • PR Volt’s strategy to target top-tier media with a personal invite to the event proved to be the most successful with an interest rate of nearly 19%.
  • As a result of PR Volt’s 2-pronged strategy, Fireside had top-tier media in attendance at the event and received coverage from Forbes, Inc., CNBC, Chief Executive, New York Post, USA Today, Venturebeat, Bloomberg News, Entrepreneur and more

The Results

PR Volt's campaigns not only delivered A-List coverage, but also secured keynote speakers for the Fireside event.

In Their Own Words

Fireside is such a unique conference connecting some of the greatest minds in business. Our goal was to spread the word to show how much can be gained when we disconnect from tech and reconnect with others in a more authentic way.

PR Volt not only helped us reach a whole new audience and raise awareness about our vision, but they generated interest from top-tier national media who attended and shared their first-hand transformative experience.

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