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Make PR more affordable, efficient and transparent
PR Volt's mission is to make PR more affordable, efficient and transparent for small businesses. At PR Volt, we use tech and automation to streamline the entire process of PR - from the way we interact with clients, to the way we target and reach out to journalists. Core to our focus is reducing manual touchpoints that have historically added cost without adding incremental value. 

We're applying the latest in machine learning and AI to develop innovative ways to generate press coverage and level the playing field for our customers.
PR Volt is a simpler, higher quality, lower cost and more scalable approach to PR than building out your own internal PR team or hiring an expensive agency. 

We look forward to continuously improving across these dimensions on behalf of our customers. Watch our blog for more on these investments we make in customer experience.
We're fortunate to have an incredible team to keep our robots in check

Peter Friis


April Tubbs

Sr. VP of Operations, Product

Victoria Borisch

Customer Success Lead

Ben Chappell

Growth Lead

Ihor Prokopenko

Back End Engineer
Sales Development Representative
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Account Executive
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Public Relations CS Lead
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PR Campaign Manager
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Who we are

We're a world-class team that's changing how small businesses generate PR. We've worked at Amazon, Google, Sprinklr, Salesforce and more.

Our team is using tech and automation to reimagine the entire PR process. Tech and AI have finally made it possible for startups and disruptors to compete at a level playing field with Fortune 500s when it comes to PR. We're building next gen tech to help the leading startups of the world tell their stories.
Working with us comes with perks

• Healthcare reimbursement (W-2 employees only)
• Remote Work
• Flexible Work Hours
• Awesome Client Samples
• Fun Interactive Team Activities
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