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Turns out we love talking to the press as much as our clients. Want to learn more about our story, our misson to democratize PR for startups and how we've already made a dent in the universe? Send us a note, we'd love to talk.
Brand Assets
The PR Volt symbol and logo are the core identifiers of the PR Volt brand. Have a look and download if they'll be handy.
Brand Assets
A volt is defined as the difference in electric potential between two points.

We chose this motif and our colour pallette to represent our vision of sparking connections between emerging brands and the media.
Robot Green
Hex: #02A660
RGB: 2, 166, 96
CMYK: 83, 6, 87, 0
Laser Orange
Hex: #FC8700
RGB: 252, 135, 0
CMYK: 0, 57, 100, 0
Gravity Grey
Hex: #F8F9FB
RGB: 248, 249, 251
CMYK: 2, 1, 1, 0
Metallic Grey
Hex: #505052
RGB: 80, 80, 82
Hex: 65, 58, 55, 34
Gradient Green
Hex: #02A660  to  #30B657
RGB: 2, 166, 96  to  48, 182, 87
CMYK: 83, 6, 87, 0  to  76, 0, 94, 0
CPU Blue
Hex: #0C3F71
RGB: 12, 63, 113
Hex: 100, 82, 30, 15
Meet our Bot
The PR Volt Bot is our super-human mascot and represents our brand's mission to democratize PR by using tech and automation to level the playing field for our customers.
Meet the Family
While we love automation, there are still humans running the ship here. Pleased to meet you!
Peter Friis
April Tubbs
Director of Operations
Heather Willett
Director of Client Campaigns
PR Volt Bolt
Team Mascot
With the press?
We know a thing or two about talking to editors - so don't be shy, we'd love to talk!
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