Elevating Brand Trust: How Ascent Protein Achieved Top-Tier Media Presence with PR Volt

Ascent Protein, originating from Denver, CO, embodies the essence of dedication in sports nutrition. Founded on a rich family heritage spanning over 30 years in protein creation, Ascent is committed to enhancing athletic performance through clean ingredients. This commitment is rooted in a philosophy that prioritizes real food sources over artificial enhancements, setting Ascent apart in a market filled with quick fixes.

Their product range, devoid of artificial flavors and sweeteners, is meticulously crafted to support athletes' training goals. Ascent's approach to nutrition is designed not just to fuel the body but to trust in the power of hard work and quality ingredients. For those who seek to ascend in their athletic pursuits, Ascent Protein offers a foundation built on integrity and performance.


Before engaging with PR Volt, Ascent Protein's efforts to educate the fitness and wellness community about the benefits of their line up of clean sports nutrition products, and to debunk prevalent protein myths, faced obstacles due to high PR costs and disappointing returns. Their commitment to transparency and quality, pivotal to distinguishing them in a crowded marketplace, struggled to resonate broadly due to these challenges.

With PR Volt's collaboration, Ascent Protein's narrative took a pivotal turn. PR Volt devised a targeted educational strategy that not only highlighted Ascent's superior ingredients but also addressed common misconceptions about protein supplementation. This approach, centered on distributing knowledge and fostering understanding about 100% Whey and Micellar Casein's unique advantages, was instrumental in securing high-impact media placements. By focusing on educating both consumers and journalists, Ascent effectively amplified their message, leading to enhanced brand credibility and a substantial increase in media visibility.

Working with PR Volt made reaching members of the press a breeze.

Program & Strategy

PR Volt initiated their partnership with Ascent Protein by thoroughly understanding the brand's mission, the distinctiveness of their products, and their PR objectives. This foundational knowledge enabled the creation of personalized pitches that not only resonated with Ascent's ethos but also aligned with the educational focus on 100% Whey and Micellar Casein proteins.

To ensure the efficacy of their PR campaign, PR Volt developed a strategy using their AI-powered platform to reach the most relevant journalists with the highest likelihood of covering Ascent Protein. The pitches highlighted what set Ascent apart, such as their commitment to clean ingredients and the absence of added sugars, ensuring that the outreach was both pertinent and compelling. Additionally, PR Volt's White Glove service was instrumental in placing product samples directly into the hands of key media figures, bolstered by persistent follow-ups to convert interest into coverage. This multi-pronged strategy was aimed at not just securing media hits but also building brand trust by emphasizing Ascent's transparency and quality.


Here are some of the highlights of their results:

  • 3.6M Impressions
  • 29 successful media hits
  • Features in top-tier publications like Forbes and Men’s Health

The Results

Ascent Protein has been featured in the following major publications and more.

The strategic partnership between Ascent Protein and PR Volt lead to a total reach of 3.6 million impressions, including prestigious outlets like Forbes Health, Healthline, and Men's Health.

In Their Own Words

"Working with PR Volt was not only effective but incredibly seamless. Their tailored strategy elevated our brand and educated the market about 100% Whey and Micellar Casein. The ease of collaboration and the tangible results we achieved made PR Volt a valuable partner for Ascent Protein."

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