Grant Stone Shoes Gets a Boost in Social Proof

The Grant Stone story was born out of the culture and craft of shoemaking in Xiamen, China. One of the co-founders spent 8 years in a Xiamen factory, learning the craft before bringing their talents over to the United States and setting up shop in Southwest Michigan in 2016.

Together, the Grant Stone team identified the opportunity to build Goodyear-welt footwear using premium leather components, delivered directly to consumers.

Grant Stone sources premium leathers and components from boutique sellers all over the world. Its mission is to provide consumers with a perfectly fitted shoe built with craftsmanship, allowing them to buy better and acquire less.


Although Grant Stone had cracked the code of making superior shoes and selling directly to consumers, they weren't satisfied with their PR efforts and the effect it was having on their overall business. They had goals of driving more sales, bolstering their SEO presence through back links, and obtaining social proof.

The frustrating part for the Grant Stone team was that they had a great product, but they didn’t have the bandwidth to effectively accomplish these goals on their own, or have access to the right outlets that would get them the PR coverage they were seeking.

Once they realized they needed help to reach their goals, Grant Stone decided to partner with PR Volt on building and implementing a custom PR strategy for their business.

"Their ability to garner interest from top media outlets has helped us increase traffic and sales through our website and establish social proof through featured articles."

Program & Strategy

PR Volt recognized that at the core of the Grant Stone brand was an uncommon story and a high value-to-quality selling proposition. They knew that to get the right eyes on these shoes, using the unique story of how these shoes came to be along with the details of the craftsmanship that goes into every pair would be key. PR Volt also realized that their strategy would need to be highly targeted towards media outlets that had Grant Stone’s target market in their viewership.

Once content strategy and targeting were figured out, PR Volt focused on competitor activity and keyword monitoring to ensure they were reaching out to the right outlets and pitching the right message. They also worked on enhancing the personalization of the Grant Stone pitch to make sure that it was unique in the space. With this strategy in place, media outlets rapidly began to take notice of Grant Stone.


Content centered around the Grant Stone story and its specialized craftsmanship quickly started popping up from major outlets like Men’s Health, Forbes, Yahoo, Great Patrol, and SPY.

Here are some of the highlights of their results thus far:

  • Over 2.7 million impressions received from coverage generated by PR Volt
  • 56 highly targeted media leads generated
  • Features in Byrdie, Katie Couric Media, Valet Mag, Effortless Gent, and The Root

The Results

Grant Stone has been featured in the following major publications and more.

Featured in Men’s Health, Forbes, Yahoo, and more

In Their Own Words

"Since partnering with PR Volt, we’re able to reach more of the right publishers and target markets than we could before working with them. Their ability to garner interest from top media outlets has helped us increase traffic and sales through our website and establish social proof through featured articles."

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