Boosting Brand Visibility and Sales: Terra Kaffe's Success Story with PR Volt's Innovative PR Strategy

Born from a desire to replicate the coffee shop experience in the comfort of one's own home, Terra Kaffe stands at the forefront of coffee technology innovation. Based in the bustling heart of New York City, this start-up has passionately crafted the TK-01 and TK-02, coffee machines that epitomize the fusion of convenience and quality.

The journey of Terra Kaffe is rooted in a simple yet profound idea: to make barista-quality coffee accessible to everyone, every day. Their machines, celebrated for selling out multiple times, are more than just appliances; they are a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence. With the ability to grind fresh beans for each cup, various customizable drink options, and hassle-free maintenance, the TK-01 and TK-02 bring the sophistication of a coffee shop right onto your kitchen counter.

Terra Kaffe's approach extends beyond the machine to the very essence of coffee itself. They offer a curated selection of fresh-roasted beans, ensuring that each cup brewed is fresh and of the highest quality. This dedication to the coffee experience has resonated with over 50,000 customers, making Terra Kaffe not just a product, but a part of their daily ritual, a symbol of luxury and convenience in home coffee brewing.


Before engaging with PR Volt, Terra Kaffe faced challenges in elevating its brand awareness and achieving its PR goals, which included increasing traffic, sales, and improving conversion rates. Despite having innovative coffee technology, they struggled to gain sufficient media attention to boost their market presence.

Turning to PR Volt marked a pivotal change. PR Volt's strategic approach, involving unique media perks and well-timed pitches, and PR Volt's AI powered platform significantly enhanced Terra Kaffe's media coverage, especially during crucial sales periods. This collaboration not only met but exceeded Terra Kaffe's PR objectives, dramatically improving their visibility and market position.

“PR Volt made earning press coverage easier and more seamless than ever before.”

Program & Strategy

An understanding of the unique aspects of the brand and its high-end coffee machines combined with PR Volt's AI powered press platform made garnering interests from top tier journalists easy.

The strategy involved offering an appealing set of alternative perks to the media. This included curated gift boxes featuring mugs and a selection of coffee, affiliate links, and discount codes to compensate for the absence of product samples. This approach not only maintained the interest of reporters but also aligned with Terra Kaffe's brand image of luxury and quality.

Furthermore, PR Volt capitalized on strategic timing for their pitches. They targeted top-tier gifting publications, particularly during the peak sales period of November and December. PR Volt used their AI powered platform to automicatically find the journalists that were most likely to cover Terra Kaffe and send them personalized pitches highlighting the aspects of the product and story that would appeal to them most.

This strategic approach was not just about getting Terra Kaffe's name out there; it was about creating a narrative that resonated with the brand's luxury positioning and the lifestyle of its customers. By aligning the PR strategy with Terra Kaffe's objectives and the interests of targeted media outlets, PR Volt was able to generate substantial media leads , ultimately contributing to Terra Kaffe's impressive reach and sales growth.


Here are some of the highlights of their results:

  • 20 million impressions total
  • 143 leads from interested publications
  • Placements in top-tier publications like Buzzfeed and Men’s health

The Results

Terra Kaffe has been featured in the following major publications and more.

Coverage across prestigious publications, including Architectural Digest, Men's Health, Time Magazine, GQ, and The Wall Street Journal showcased the brand's appeal to a diverse and upscale audience.

In Their Own Words

“PR Volt made earning press coverage easier and more seamless than ever before. From onboarding PR Volt to ideating angles and from sending out campaigns to receiving coverage, the entire process was smooth-going and exactly what we hoped for. The programmatic tools make transparency and reporting a dream come true, too!

Our Campaign Manager, Magda, was super thoughtful and creative with how she came up with pitches, followed up with reporters, and reported campaign results back to me. I'd recommend PR Volt to any company looking to start or expand their PR strategy!”

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