Strider Bikes' Ride to 85 Million Impressions with PR Volt

Strider Bikes, founded in 2007, has been a trailblazer in the world of children's bicycles. With a mission to foster a love of riding from an early age, Strider revolutionized the concept of balance bikes. These unique bicycles, designed without pedals, emphasize the development of balance and coordination in children as young as six months old. This innovative approach has not only simplified the learning process but also instilled confidence and independence in young riders.

At the heart of Strider Bikes is the belief that learning to ride starts with developing balance, rather than pedaling. This philosophy has led to a range of products tailored for different age groups, ensuring a seamless transition from toddling to confident riding. From the Rocking Bike for the youngest enthusiasts to the Balance Bike and the Balance Bike with Pedal Kit for older children, Strider offers a progressive learning path. Each bike is crafted to grow with the child, ensuring years of fun and skill development.

Strider's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every bike they create. The company's dedication to empowering the next generation of riders is reflected in their global reach, with more than 4 million bikes sold and distribution in over 75 countries. Strider Bikes isn't just about selling bikes; it's about creating a community of confident, adventurous, and healthy children who will carry their love of riding into adulthood.


Before partnering with PR Volt, Strider faced challenges in amplifying their reach and effectively conveying their unique brand story. As pioneers in creating balance bikes for children, Strider had already achieved notable success and recognition. However, the company sought to elevate their public relations to a new level. Their primary objectives were clear: increase traffic and sales, and enhance brand awareness. 

The collaboration with PR Volt marked a turning point. Leveraging PR Volt's expertise, Strider Bikes witnessed a remarkable transformation in their PR outcomes. The tailored, multi-faceted approach adopted by PR Volt included AI-Enhanced Customized Pitching, Responsive Pitching, and a focus on Awards & Speaking Opportunities, among other strategies. This comprehensive plan not only aligned with Strider's goals but also brought their unique brand story to the forefront, engaging a broader audience. 

“Thanks to their dedication and expertise, we're seeing our projects produce tangible results.”

Program & Strategy

PR Volt initiated their partnership with Strider Bikes by immersing themselves in the brand's unique story and ethos. Understanding that Strider Bikes was not just selling a product but fostering a new generation of riders, PR Volt crafted a strategy that mirrored this vision. The goal was to create a narrative that didn't just showcase Strider Bikes as a product but as a pivotal part of a child's growth and adventure. This deep dive into the brand's core allowed PR Volt to develop pitches that were not only tailored to Strider's identity but also resonated deeply with their target audience.

PR Volt also leveraged it's AI-powered software to identify reporters most likely to write about Strider - by identifying reporters that had written about balance bikes or competitors in the not too distant past. AI also assisted in finding suitable award opportunities to enable the Campaign Manager to pitch and secure prominent recognition in the verticals most pertinent to Strider.


Here are some of the highlights of their results:

  • 85 million impressions total
  • 125 interested leads since July 2023

The Results

Strider Bikes has been featured in the following major publications and more.

Coverage in prestigious publications such as Forbes, Yahoo!, POPSUGAR, Cycling Weekly, Buzzfeed, and more positioned Strider firmly as a leader in the industry.

In Their Own Words

"Our experience working with PR Volt has been rewarding. Their team’s professionalism, creativity, and strategic approach makes our collaboration enjoyable and highly effective. Thanks to their dedication and expertise, we're seeing our projects produce tangible results. PR Volt is now a valuable part of our team!” - Hannah Peterson, Public Relations Specialist, Strider Sports Int’l, Inc.

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