PR Volt Strategy Helps Phone Case Company Increase Sales by 87%

Casely is a Brooklyn-based tech accessories company that makes designer phone cases for style mavens worldwide. Started in 2017 by a brother-sister duo, Casely pioneered the world’s only phone case subscription club, which sends members a new case delivered to their door, either monthly or seasonally, for $15 per case. Casely’s phone cases are designed and curated to bring customers unique cases that reflect trends before they happen. Casely is a one-stop-shop for cases inspired by the latest fashions with a Brooklyn spunk.


Casely partnered with PR Volt in their second year of operation. With $1.5M revenue in less than two years, sales were strong but the company had not received much media exposure and aimed to share their unique subscription service and compelling start with a larger audience.

Casely sought to secure placements in large publications to increase brand recognition and wanted placements in gift guides to further drive sales. This increased exposure was part of a larger strategy to get verified on social media and improve their social proof.

“PR Volt has been an amazing extension of our team. We are seeing results month after month. They are hands down the best PR service we've ever used.”

Program & Strategy

Casely’s PR strategy included a mix of founder stories, thought leadership and product promotion. Having those three angles helped Casely tell different stories to different types of media. It also allowed them to pursue different PR goals. 

Casely’s founder story, a brother and sister who left their education (Mark) and career (Emily) to pursue this business venture, resonated with entrepreneur and business publications. PR Volt utilized that story to generate features in major business publications and set up interviews for Mark and Emily. PR Volt enticed business writers with the story of millennial siblings who had a unique idea, created a business from scratch and grew it to $10M in two years.

The thought leadership angle was also aimed at business publications. Casely succeeded by creating the world’s only phone case subscription club and by building a targeted social media marketing campaign. Both subscription clubs and social media marketing are hot topics for small businesses, so PR Volt pitched both subjects separately. Mark and Emily were promoted as experts to discuss A) how to build a successful subscription club and B) how to create a successful social media marketing strategy as a small business.

Finally, PR Volt promoted Casely’s phone cases and its subscription club to influencers, product reviewers and publications creating gift guides (holidays, back-to-school, etc.). PR Volt offered these publications samples in exchange for a review, a post or a placement in a gift guide. Casely’s willingness to supply samples allowed them to reach a wide range of publications and get their product significant exposure in print and on social media. It also allowed them to better promote the launch of their first line of Samsung cases and their new battery-charging cases.


Since partnering with PR Volt, Casely has been featured in numerous gift guides, including TODAY’s “Best Gifts for Couples 2020”. Casely products were also featured by numerous high-level social media influencers, including @fabeverydayblog (56.1K followers) and @fashionlush. Exposure for Casely’s products in major publications and with top social media influencers enabled the company to amplify its message and get its products in front of a larger audience. 

The founders of Casely were also tabbed for several feature stories. Most notably, Business Inside wrote a thought leadership story about the siblings’ innovative social media marketing and included them in another story highlighting books that successful entrepreneurs read.

The Results

Casely has been featured in the following major publications and more.

With PR Volt’s expertise, Casely’s social media traffic increased by 300% and sales increased by 87%, helping the company reach a larger customer base and increasing their social proof.

In Their Own Words

"PR Volt has been an amazing extension of our team. We are seeing results month after month. They are hands down the best PR service we've ever used."

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