PR Volt Uses Targeted Strategy to Elevate the Crossrope Brand

Crossrope is a premium weighted jump rope system and app designed for effective workouts on the go. Crossrope also offers its own fitness app with hundreds of fun and easy-to-follow workouts that jumpers can do anywhere in under 30 minutes.

Crossrope customers and community members often say that CEO, Dave Hunt, has re-invented the jump rope.  Since his early days as a Naval Academy sprinter and high jumper, Hunt fell in love with the simple, cardio-blasting efficiency of jumping speed rope.

What separates Crossrope from any other jump rope is the innovative approach to creating a jump rope with a patented interchangeable system of ropes and handles. The patented fast clip system allows users to quickly change between light and heavy ropes for a versatile workout. 

Within a year and a half of founding Crossrope in 2012, Hunt’s team built a 20,000 member online fitness community. Today it stands at 83,000 and counting.


Crossrope initially tackled PR from an in-house perspective. Acting mostly on a reactive basis, they realized that they lacked the time or resources to do more proactive outreach and, therefore, weren’t seeing the results they desired for the brand. Crossrope didn’t have the capacity to maximize media outreach and sought an approach that would reach a wide variety of outlets and editors. Seeking a partner that could do more proactive PR, Crossrope chose to partner with PR Volt to utilize its vast network of media contacts to scale the company’s efforts and help put Crossrope in the hands of more relevant editors and journalists. 

"Our Campaign Manager has taken a personal interest in our brand’s unique selling features and always remains proactively on the hunt for new opportunities."

Program & Strategy

Crossrope was paired with a knowledgeable and professional PR Volt Campaign Manager who not only had deep media connections in the consumer space, but who was also passionate about fitness. Seeing the void that Crossrope filled in the health and wellness space, the Campaign Manager intuitively understood that, if given the opportunity, reporters would try working out with a Crossrope and provide rave reviews. 

Armed with this confidence, the PR Volt Campaign Manager first mapped out all of the different demographics that would be interested in the Crossrope. Upon doing this extensive research, it became abundantly clear that Crossrope could get a lot of traction in a variety of different industries - from athletes training for their primary sport, to those with a fitness and bodybuilding focus, to the average person just looking to get in shape.

To ensure high-quality coverage the Campaign Manager set a minimum threshold for outreach, which allowed Crossrope to get into the hands of top-tier journalists. Additionally, PR Volt’s proprietary Competitive Monitoring technology was used to identify journalists covering other top-tier fitness brands such as Peloton and Soul Cycle to keep a pulse on trends and campaigns that the brand could leverage. Once media samples were sent to select journalists, the Campaign Manager set a follow-up sequence to answer frequently asked questions, guide journalists through the app for top-trending workouts, and provide media hooks and angles that would entice them to write a comprehensive and timely piece for their audiences.


With so many product features to focus on, PR Volt was able to help Crossrope get in front of a large and diverse group of media. Due to the hard work of the PR Volt Campaign Manager and the Crossrope team, Crossrope was featured in top-tier outlets including Cosmopolitan, SHAPE and Refinery29.

Here are some of the highlights of their results:

  • More than 3,000 journalists were contacted in the health and wellness, fitness, travel, training, and sport-specific verticals such as MMA, Running, Golf and Swimming
  • Average open-rate was more than 40% with an average interest rate of over 5%
  • Feature-length and roundup coverage in today’s top outlets including Buzzfeed, Bustle, Gear Diary, and multiple articles in POPSUGAR
  • Secured interest in online and print publications, with interest from broadcast and vertical sport publications with highly dedicated readership 

Secured feature-length, roundup and mention-based coverage driving overall global sales, brand awareness and interest

The Results

Crossrope has been featured in the following major publications and more.

Crossrope's campaigns have yielded 40% open rates and interested rates of over 5%, far exceeding category averages. These fundamentals have yielded top tier coverage including Buzzfeed, Bustle, Gear Diary, and multiple articles in POPSUGAR.

In Their Own Words

"PR Volt has helped develop a customized outreach strategy by understanding our objectives and positioning our angles to designated outlets. Our strong campaign performances have helped to identify new segments. Additionally, our Campaign Manager has taken a personal interest in our brand’s unique selling features and always remains proactively on the hunt for new opportunities."

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