PR Volt Generates Media Buzz for Mosi Tea

Mosi Tea was created out of necessity for a quality cup of tea on the go. Before Mosi, the process was quite clunky because it required all kinds of tools and time (not the most convenient when you’re on the go!)

The founder was on a mission to solve this problem because he grew up in South Africa where he drank tea almost everyday, and wanted to make it as easy as possible to enjoy a cup anywhere. His solution was the Mosi Tea Infuser. It was the first multi-brew infuser of its kind to feature sieves that allowed you to brew, steep, or shake up the perfect cup of tea, coffee, cold brew, or matcha. This infuser was such a game changer, that it was awarded “The Best Tea Making Innovation 2022” at the World Tea Awards.

Mosi Tea has gone on to sell more than 11,000 of its muti-brew infusers in a short span of time and has also added garden picked loose leaf teas to its product offering.


Mosi Tea knew they had a winning product and could manage inbound leads and filling orders, but they needed help with generating buzz around their brand. They wanted to focus on a broad strategy of brand awareness, product reviews and SEO to drive more traffic to their website. Mosi Tea decided to partner up with PR Volt to take advantage of their vast network of publisher and media contacts. Together, they could strategize and pitch for publisher leads to accomplish Mosi Tea’s goals. 

"PR Volt helped us quickly scale outreach and secured top-tier coverage for our brand."

Program & Strategy

The PR strategy for Mosi Tea focused on highlighting the all-in-one infuser’s versatility and convenience. With the tagline "go anywhere, brew anything,” we conveyed that the infuser is great for any beverage and perfect for people on the go. On top of that, Mosi believed that getting its products in the hands of potential media partners would help them understand the major benefits of its infuser so they sent out samples to certain media leads. 

With the strategy ironed out, PR Volt took a two pronged approach to maximize the amount of media coverage the All-In-One infuser would receive. The first approach was a timely pitch aimed at consumer goods writers working on round-ups for upcoming holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. The second approach was aimed at outdoors and adventure writers with a focus on positioning the Mosi All-in-One Infuser as a travel companion for the popular adventures of the upcoming season

For the second approach, PR Volt utilized strategic keyword monitoring to target media that covered complementary brands. Rather than finding media partners that wrote about tea and coffee tumblers, those who had covered lifestyle outdoor brands were targeted. This proved successful as it helped identify media outlets that frequently reviewed outdoor and adventure products. That was a major goal of Mosi, which sees itself as an "experiential" product.   


Once the strategy was deployed, there was a wave of interested media outlets that covered the All-In-One Infuser like Inside Hook, Reader's Digest, ReadWrite, and The HYPE Magazine.

The Results

Mosi Tea has been featured in the following major publications and more.

Mosi Tea's campaigns highlighted the all-in-one infuser’s versatility, generating coverage from Buzzfeed, TripSavvy, LA Weekly and more.

In Their Own Words

"Before PR Volt we didn’t have the time or proper PR strategy in place. PR Volt helped us quickly scale outreach and secured top-tier coverage for our brand. Highly recommend!"

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