Driving A-List Back to School Coverage for Rocketbook

Eco-Friendly Digital Notebooks

Rocketbook makes eco-friendly and reusable digital notebooks and productivity applications for students, teachers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone with big ideas. Rocketbook’s patented technology allows users to send handwritten notes to cloud destinations such as e-mail, Google Drive, Evernote, and more.

The journey started in 2013 when co-founder Joe Lemay was working as a sales executive and forgot to pack the correct notebook for an important sales meeting. Looking for a solution, Joe tried out electronic pens and smart notebooks, but nothing felt quite right.

After spending time with buddy and product developer Jake Epstein, Joe and Jake got an idea for a cloud-connected paper notebook that would keep people organized. In 2015, the duo launched their flagship product and Rocketbook was born.

In May of 2017, Rocketbook founders were laughed off of Shark Tank, only to go on to become the most crowdfunded office product ever on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and the top-selling smart notebook on Amazon.


As Rocketbook has continued to grow, the brand looked to PR Volt to help increase the visibility of their expanding product line. PR Volt officially partnered with Rocketbook in August of 2018 and was quickly tasked with securing Back-to-School coverage and connecting with relevant media to review the products for their audiences.

PR Volt has been instrumental in scaling awareness and visibility of the Rocketbook brand and products.

Program & Strategy

Rocketbook was paired with a knowledgeable and professional PR Volt campaign manager who would handle all media outreach and leads. Working closely with Rocketbook, the dedicated campaign manager consulted with them to develop a strategy aimed at short- and long-term coverage. The goal was to send samples to a variety of journalists in order to obtain a review and cultivate an ongoing relationship.

In order to identify the right targets for Rocketbook, PR Volt implemented custom competitive monitoring technology to identify other market players and the messages that were being conveyed. The campaign manager then conducted sentiment analysis to develop a hyper-focused list of keywords and phrases that would help identify the best journalists for Rocketbook. Armed with information specific to Rocketbook and the consumer goods industry, PR Volt was then able to build an extensive and targeted media list to maximize media visibility for Rocketbook.

PR Volt reached out to online, broadcast, and TV media stations with pitch topics ranging from fitness, to tech, to entrepreneurial-focused angles. With so many product features to focus on, Rocketbook was getting in front of a large and diverse group of media.


Within the first couple of months, PR Volt secured over 60 pieces of coverage from tech outlets to bloggers alike. As a result, Rocketbook gained the desired visibility in varying outlets, elevating their brand and product to become a household name.

With so much success, PR Volt started to receive inbound reporter requests for Rocketbook products to be included in their Back-to-School stories as well as their holiday gift guides. PR Volt worked directly with Rocketbook’s team to deliver samples to interested media, positioning Rocketbook as a resource and which led to more requests to review other products in the line.

With the volume and quality that PR Volt delivered,  Rocketbook generated the interest and visibility they wanted in the timeframe they needed. In the first four months, Rocketbook’s press coverage totaled over 108M views, with an average audience reach of 1.3M per outlet. Since Rocketbook partnered with PR Volt, the company has averaged six outlets per week in press coverage. Rocketbook continues to see results from PR Volt’s efforts and dedication to the brand.

Here are some of the highlights of their results:

  • 5,103 journalists contacted over the course of four campaigns. Campaigns resulted in an average open rate of 57.1%, average reply rate of 13.2%, and an average interest rate of 8.9%.
  • 80 articles and counting in less than four months
  • Coverage in outlets ranging from Elite Daily, to SlashGear, to Bustle, to TODAY
  • Secured online, print, and broadcast coverage nationwide
  • Increased visibility in tech, consumer and business publications
  • Secured articles focusing on fitness, nutrition, back-to-school, entrepreneur, and holiday topics

The Results

Rocketbook was featured in the following publications and more:

In less than 4 months Rocketbook generated over 108m views from press hits

In Their Own Words

"PR Volt has been instrumental in scaling awareness and visibility of the Rocketbook brand and products. We’ve consistently gotten coverage in top-tier media publications that actually matter to our customers, which means the team at PR Volt really understands how to laser target the right journalists. The speed and scale at which they’ve been able to deliver results for us well exceeded our expectations."

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