PR Volt drives brand awareness and SEO strategy for Sunday Citizen

Sunday Citizen was born out of necessity for an unforgettable night’s sleep while staying in some of the nicest hotels in the world. An entrepreneur approached a fourth generation textile manufacturer, now Sunday Citizen, to develop a blanket for his luxury hotels.

It was no easy task; it needed to be as soft as cashmere, but able to withstand heavy use and abuse. And from those needs, Sunday Citizen created the first line of blankets for exclusive use in his hotels. After testing them for two years, they exceeded all expectations. Many guests asked to buy them, and a few blankets even went "missing." On top of that, their own family loved them so much, they couldn’t sleep without them. That's when they realized they had to share these blankets with the world. 

So, they partnered with the hotel entrepreneur to form a company with a simple mission: create joy through comfort one soft piece at a time. Sunday Citizen’s materials and manufacturing are of the highest standards, but as a direct to consumer, they keep their operation lean and pass on the savings to you.


Sunday Citizen had never experimented with any PR strategies to get their name out there to consumers. Their goals were to increase traffic and sales through shopping-oriented coverage and establishing social proof from popular media outlets. Additionally, they wanted to establish themselves as a market leader in their space as well as build an ecosystem of backlinks to strengthen their SEO strategy. 

Sunday Citizen decided to partner up with PR Volt to execute its strategy and accomplish their PR goals. With their established history in the PR space and their vast network of connections, Sunday Citizen felt that PR Volt would be the perfect partner.

Sunday Citizen secured coverage from outlets like The Spruce, Glamour, Vogue Online, Town & Country, and Women’s Health. 

Program & Strategy

To achieve Sunday Citizen’s goal of getting in front of shopping-oriented outlets, PR Volt decided to initially target shopping, review and lifestyle editors at consumer outlets. They also utilized competitive monitoring (and eventually keyword targeting and podcast targeting) to target media who had covered relevant products in the past. This exposed their blankets to a large number of consumer-trusted outlets that covered other products similar to theirs.

Additionally, PR Volt targeted gift guides and took advantage of editorial holidays and trends - like the need for cozy home environments and stress relief. This strategy helped insert Sunday Citizen and its products into timely, high-profile editorials.

Once PR Volt started to get traction for their products, Sunday Citizen gradually upgraded their services to include a white glove service that helped them close promising media leads. They also wanted to expand their keyword monitoring to secure coverage around topics other than just their products.


Once PR Volt launched its strategy, it didn’t take long for media outlets to inquire about Sunday Citizen’s products. They secured coverage from outlets like The Spruce, Glamour, Vogue Online, Town & Country and Women’s Health. 

Here are some of the highlights of their results thus far:

  • 110 hits - 526,925,701 total impressions
  • 371 media leads generated
  • Features in Cosmopolitan, CBS News, Allure, Forbes, E! Entertainment, INSIDER, BuzzFeed, InsideHook, and more

The Results

Sunday Citizen has been featured in the following major publications and more.

Featured in Forbes, E! Entertainment, INSIDER, BuzzFeed, InsideHook, and more

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