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Elevated Hats for a Modern World

Born from humble beginnings, Tenth Street Hats was founded in 1921 by Jack Dorfman and Arthur Hyman as part of Dorfman Pacific. Tenth Street is a family-run business that creates quality hats blending a vintage feel with modern sensibilities. The company’s close relationships with expert craftsmen and cutting-edge designers allow them to make one-of-a-kind hats with a commitment to their customers. With manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Canada, Asia, Mexico, and Europe, Tenth Street Hats combines a worldly touch, matched with local character.


Tenth Street Hats came to PR Volt looking to elevate their brand nationwide and increase SEO traffic. Despite Tenth Street Hats’ deep history and their vast selection, previous PR engagements hadn’t delivered the visibility or SEO results they were looking for. Knowing the value of PR, Carson Finkle, CEO of Tenth Street Hats, wanted transparency into their PR program while leaving the details to a team of experts.

"PR Volt is nothing short of amazing. They continue to deliver month after month and innovate new ways for PR outreach to be more targeted and more efficient."

Program & Strategy

Tenth Street Hats was paired with a skilled PR Volt campaign manager with deep experience in the fashion and consumer space. Working with Carson and his Tenth Street team, the campaign manager set a media sampling strategy which would enable reporters to experience the hats firsthand and allow the quality of the product to speak for itself. In creating the targeting, the campaign manager set a broad spectrum to reach both top tier reporters and long tail bloggers alike and used Alexa rankings to ensure each reporter would yield sufficient value with their coverage. This approach maximized the opportunity for A-list coverage while ensuring a consistent volume of high quality backlinks pointing to Tenth Street’s site - all designed to achieve the top line objectives of brand awareness and SEO results.

In addition, PR Volt helped the Tenth Street team create awareness ads on Facebook, targeting the same reporters in the email outreach segment. These ads were shown a week prior to sending the email campaigns in order to drive brand recall and augment email performance metrics, including open rates, click-thru rates and interested rates.

Finally, PR Volt set a follow-up procedure designed to maximize yield from interested reporters. PR Volt used automation to programmatically notify all reporters when a sample had been sent as well as delivered. Further, PR Volt’s campaign team delivered weekly follow-ups for all interested reporters designed to check on the sample status and move the reporter through the funnel from received to tried to committed to published.


Within the first few months, Tenth Street Hats was able to secure coverage in outlets ranging from USA Today to SHAPE. Media contacts that were contacted early on in the campaign kept coming back looking to work with the company on additional coverage. As a result of the PR program and the press coverage, Tenth Street Hats started selling out certain styles almost instantly. Sales started to skyrocket, especially around fashion-centric events such as Easter, the Kentucky Derby, and of course the holidays. Fashion writers from around the world were looking to get their hands on a Tenth Street Hat, offering partnerships and ambassador programs alike.

Tenth Street Hats saw early success with PR Volt that has continued through each of their campaigns. Each new round of outreach has driven more articles and postings, ultimately ranking them on page one of Google for the search term "hat". With more than 379 pieces of coverage to date and 192,160,136 impressions to date, Tenth Street Hats has become the internet’s go-to destination for hats for every occasion.

Here are some of the highlights of their results:

  • Since engaging with PR Volt, Tenth Street Hats consistently ranks on page 1 search results for “hats” on Google.
  • Since engaging with PR Volt, Tenth Street Hats sales have increased 6,416%. Site traffic increased 3,295%, and Clicks and impressions also both increased by more than 600%.
  • After several media articles and broadcast segments secured by PR Volt, Tenth Street Hats experienced their largest sales day in company history ahead of the Kentucky Derby, almost 100 years after the brand launched
  • 381 total number of articles in 14 months
  • 11,395 number of journalists contacted in 15 months, resulting in more than 650 media samples sent
  • CEO gained visibility and was invited to speak at retail and e-commerce conferences across the country
  • Received top tier coverage in publications like USA Today, PARADE, OK Magazine, Forbes, Elite Daily, Bravo TV and Outside Magazine Summer Buyer’s Guide

The Results

Tenth Street Hats earned multiple Tier 1 hits, increased organic traffic by 3,295% and sales by 6,415%.

In Their Own Words

"When it comes to working with agencies and consultants, one of the values I look for is their communication speed. In the e-commerce space, things move very quickly so new ideas and strategies to implement need to happen fast. I am always able to receive timely responses, which ensures our business is in good hands and that PR Volt cares about us. PR Volt is nothing short of amazing. The PR Volt team continues to deliver month after month. They consistently innovate new ways for PR outreach to be more targeted and more efficient, which allows us to stay ahead of larger slow-moving companies. PR Volt is also a STEAL when it comes to the value they bring, and the results pay for themselves."

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