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We’d be nothing without our customers. They’re our best reason for waking up each day. Lucky us - they’re keen on us too! Learn how they’re using PR Volt to generate game-changing PR results.


PR Volt Uses Targeted Strategy to Elevate the Crossrope Brand

Within a year and a half of founding Crossrope in 2012, Hunt’s team built a 20,000 member online fitness community. Today it stands at 83,000 and counting.

"Our Campaign Manager has taken a personal interest in our brand’s unique selling features and always remains proactively on the hunt for new opportunities."
Srdjan Popovic - CMO @ Crossrope

PR Volt Strategy Helps Phone Case Company Increase Sales by 87%

Since partnering with PR Volt, Casely has been featured in numerous gift guides, including TODAY’s “Best Gifts for Couples 2020”. Casely products were also featured by numerous high-level social media influencers, including @fabeverydayblog (56.1K followers) and @fashionlush. Exposure for Casely’s products in major publications and with top social media influencers enabled the company to amplify its message and get its products in front of a larger audience.

“PR Volt has been an amazing extension of our team. We are seeing results month after month. They are hands down the best PR service we've used.”
Mark Stallings - CEO @ Casely

PR Volt Delivers Mind-Blowing (Not Hair Blowing) Results for RevAir

Implementing a drip sequence in media outreach, PR Volt was able to maximize results and increase interest from top-tier media. Additionally, by utilizing informative data and PR Volt’s unique artificial intelligence system, the PR Volt team was able to better position the brand and optimize future campaigns for success.

Working with PR Volt has proven to be an instrumental part of our ongoing growth.
Crystal Gryniuk - Director of Communications @RevAir

Tenth Street Hats Drives SEO Results with PR at Scale

Each new round of outreach has driven more articles and postings, ultimately ranking Tenth Street Hats on page one of Google for the search term "hat". With more than 379 pieces of coverage to date and 192,160,136 impressions to date, Tenth Street Hats has become the internet’s go-to destination for hats for every occasion.

"PR Volt is nothing short of amazing. They continue to deliver month after month and consistently innovate new ways for PR outreach to be more targeted and more efficient."
Carson Finkle - CEO @ Tenth Street Hats


PR Volt Scores A-List Coverage of Fireside Conference

Simply put, PR Volt’s highly targeted media push helped elevate the 2018 Fireside Conference to a new level of national and international awareness. The campaign not only yielded top-tier coverage from major media publications such as Forbes and Inc., it also helped attract attendance from major entrepreneurs and top talent, including keynote speaker Jeffrey Hayzlett, Jared Lindzon, Lisa Song Sutton and Ramy Inocencio.

PR Volt helped us reach a whole new audience and raised awareness from top-tier national media.
Daniel Levine - Founder @Fireside Conference

Supporting Shotput's Portable Robotic Warehouse Launch

Its new breed of tech combined with an effective and comprehensive outreach program enabled Shotput to generate interest from top tier publications such as Forbes, ABC, PC Mag, Alleywatch, Techcrunch, Entrepreneur and Fast Company. Indeed, PR Volt succeeded in helping Shotput generate media awareness of its new robotic...

"There's no other way to say this. PR Volt has crushed it for us for PR."
Praful Mather - Founder @Shotput


ShadowDraw App Powers Launch Press With PR Volt Competitive Monitoring Bot

PR Volt cut through the noise and helped ShadowDraw generate coverage from the likes of CNBC, Techaeris, Apple Must, SolidSmack, Art Thibert (Marvel & DC comic artist), USA News Guide, Jan Sapper (creator of PaperLike), Perfect Tech News, and Ookiy.

"With PR Volt you get quantifiable results. A lot of other PR is about launch parties and selfies and fluff. PR Volt adds actionable press to your team and scales with you."
Marty McDonough - Founder @ShadowDraw


Supporting FCTRY's Elizabeth Warren Action Figure Kickstarter Launch

PR Volt championed support for the FCTRY Elizabeth Warren action figure Kickstarter campaign by raising awareness and creating a compelling story for press that made it impossible not to cover. The campaign was fully funded in just 12 hours ($15,000), and raised an additional $35,000 by day 2...

"Compared to traditional agencies, PR Volt is like version 2.0. It’s leaner, faster, more efficient and it delivers better results at a fraction of the cost."
Jason Feinberg - CEO & Creative Director @FCTRY

Driving Gear & Gadget Coverage For Sandman Doppler's Kickstarter

"We 10x’d our funding goal for our Kickstarter in large part thanks to the great publicity we obtained with PR Volt."
Alex Tramiel - Founder @Palo Alto Innovation


PR Volt helps drive Brad Feld’s Startup Opportunities to #1 Bestseller

Thanks to PR Volt, Brad Feld and Sean Wise have been featured on SIRIUS XM Radio, TechCrunch, CNBC, Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, and countless other business and entrepreneur-focused podcasts in the last few months alone. Their book Startup Opportunities has gained tremendous exposure and recently became a #1 bestseller.

"PR Volt allowed me to not only reach my targeted media list in an efficient and effective way, but also reach thousands of PR contacts that I've never had contact with."
Simon Bogdanowicz - Founder @LaunchTeam and Publicist for Brad Feld & Sean Wise
"This is hands down the best PR service we've ever used. Game-changing."
Tom Sailors - Founder @Mermaid Pillow Company
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